A Chinese contemporary artist Huang Yulong, whom Art+ Shanghai Gallery has the honor to represent for more than ten years, has collaborated with a Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau on a sculpture entitled “Share the Love.”

Andy Lau is working on the hand heart gesture for the collaborative piece “Share the Love”  (image courtesy sohu.com)

An actor, film producer, singer, lyricist, and perhaps one of the most successful Hong Kong film actors since the mid-1980s, Andy has acted in more than 160 movies, while at the same time  managing a successful career as a pop singer and entering the Guinness World Records for the “Most Awards won by a Cantopop (Cantonese pop music) Male Artist”. In this creative collaboration, two artists Huang Yulong and Andy Lau have come together in hopes to remind people of the importance of facing the world with understanding, kindness, and love.

 (image courtesy sohu.com)

Entitled “Share the Love” the sculpture portrays two figures of a man and a child in Yulong’s signature hooded sweatshirts. The sculptures have acquired a unique element, a gesture of a hand heart, sculpted by Andy Lau.  The gesture that became popular among young generation thanks to the musicians and singers has been appropriated to act as a reminder of carrying love, care, and generosity wherever one goes. The message that the two artists are spreading through their collaborative work is meant to appeal to adults and children alike.

The Sculpture “Share the Love” collaboratively created by Huang Yulong and Andy Lau (image courtesy sohu.com)

Artist Huang Yulong (image courtesy Art+ Shanghai Gallery and the artist)

The sculpture will be on view today Saturday, December 15th at the at Hong Kong Coliseum during Andy Lau’s concert as he will be launching his world tour “My Love Andy Lau World Tour.” 

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