Art+ Shanghai Gallery has once again joined Art Central Hong Kong, the fair that is becoming one of the most important art events in the Asia Pacific.

Reportedly, the 2018 edition of Art Central had its highest ever attendance, welcoming 39,041 international collectors, curators and art enthusiasts. The fair showcased striking works from across the globe alongside a critically acclaimed programme, featuring performance, talks, large scale installations and new media.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s participation in the fair always focuses on the promotion of the artists across all media who produce works of impeccable quality and originality, whose artistic practice questions the contemporaneity, the self, the others but more importantly who focus on making their art a vital and meaningful part of people’s life. An array of works that Art+ Shanghai Gallery showcased at the to the 4th edition of Art Central demonstrated the magnitude of creative thought, the diversity and complexity of ideas of Chinese emerging and established artists that the gallery represents.

In total, the gallery exhibited the works of nine artists working in a range of different media including porcelain, crystal, stainless steel, acrylic, oil painting, stickers, Tibetan paper, among many others. The highlights of Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s booth this year included porcelain works presented by two young artists Tan Danwu and Liu Xi who have recently joined the gallery and who made their debut at this edition of Art Central.

Another debutant of Art Central 2018 and a new addition to the Art+ Shanghai Gallery family is a young Beijing-based artist Chen Xuanrong, also known as Roy. His two-by-three-meter oil on canvas graffiti piece was one of the centerpieces on display. Chen Xuanrong’s solo show is expected to be held  at Art+ during the months of November – December 2018.

Chen Zhiguang’s stainless steel robust and formidable sculpture of an ant was another highlight of the display. Chen Zhiguan’s ants can be individuals, as embodiments of Chen Zhiguang’s own personality, as a part of the collective whole, or as representatives of the Chinese people. In whichever variety, the ant reveals Chen Zhiguang’s strong desire to respect individuals, traditions, and lives.


Huang Yulong’s marked his appearance with the new series of works, entitled  “Snowflakes” . Hoping to reach the global communities through the international scene of the Art Central, Huang Yulong expressed his concern for the rising violence in the world by creating sculptures made of crystal gun-shaped fragments that when assembled together resemble a snowflake.

For the first time Art+ Shanghai Gallery has exhibited the works by a Sichuan artist He Jian, who along with a number of his contemporaries is now recognized as the new face of the Sichuan painting school. You can expect to see more of He Jian’s works during his first solo show at Art+ Shanghai Gallery in 2019.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery also brought to the fair the new phantasmagorical sticker mosaics by Ye Hongxing and bold and polemic conversations in oil on canvas by the Tamen+ collective.

Whether it is a social commentary, ironic conceptualization or a personal reflection, the pieces showcased by Art+ at the 4th edition of the Art Central were multidirectional and multi-meaningful, with each artist taking a different attitude, presenting a matter from one’s unique standpoint, and in a variety of media, some leaning towards the mysterious or subconscious, intuitive or metaphorical, while others towards something more aggressive and daring.