Art+ Shanghai gallerinas with the musicians of ensemble Etoile at the French Consulate in Shanghai

The PLUS  of Art+ Shanghai Gallery is its passion and continuous support for all forms of artistic expressions, with music being on top of the list along with art.

For those of you who have already attended some of the concerts at Art+ Shanghai Gallery, the lovely faces of the ensemble “Etoile”  will seem familiar. This time Etoile participated in a fund-raising event which mission was to raise awareness and provide support to orphans and abandoned children in deprived areas of China. The concert was organized under the roof of the French Consulate in Shanghai by a local NGO “Children of Madaifu” .

Comprised of contemporary Chinese musicians with international background, ensemble “Etoile” surprised the audience gathered under the roof of French Consulate with the night of musical extravaganza, performing on traditional Chinese and classical western instruments.

Ensemble ‘Etoile’

We are looking forward to welcoming the musicians at the gallery in January 2018. Stay tuned to be the first one to learn about the dates of the concert!