Kenny (Meng Changqing), Kilo (Wang Xu) and Shin Tomono (from left to right) China’s hip-hop dance stars with almost 15 years of dance experience 

Chen Xuanrong’s and Huang Yulong’s vibrant art pieces exhibited during the show Altered State: Deciphering Urban in the Art of Chen Xuanrong and Huang Yulong have inspired a hip-hop themed event at the gallery on Tuesday, December 4th. In hopes to trace back the origins of hip-hop culture and street art in China we screened the documentary film “Spray Paint Beijing” on the expanding graffiti art scene in the capital of China and invited some of the pioneers of hip-hop movement and hip-hop dance in China to talk about this cultural phenomenon and learn some hip-hop moves!

Spray Paint Beijing Documentary Cover. The full-length film is available for purchase online on

“Spray Paint Beijing” is recognized as one of the most important documentaries ever made on graffiti art in China. Created by an American Director and Producer Lance Crayon it was released in 2013. The film captures a rapidly developing street art scene in the capital of China in the last years of Hu Jintao’s presidency. It traces back the very origins of graffiti in the capital of China, beginning with the story of Zhang Dali, a pioneer of street art in China and shows the life of various graffiti artists and artists crews working and creating in Beijing.

Determined to fill the space of the gallery with the sounds, flows, and movements of hip-hop culture, we have invited some of the pioneers of the hip-hop in China.

After a short talk with Kilo (real name Wang Xu) and Kenny (Meng Changqing) on the arrival of hip-hop to China back in the mid-1980s, we then had a chance to see two of them dancing. The winners of the numerous national and international dance competitions in the past, they are now heading the  World Dance Council (WDC) Street Dance Committee of China, with Wang Xu as the President and Meng Changqing as the Vice-President.

One of the gallery guests that evening happened to be Shin Tomono, a Chinese television dance star with an international background and 15 years of professional dance experience, he has joined Kenny and Kilo on the dance floor for a battle, and it was on!

The link to watch their performance will be available soon so stay tuned!