It is always amazing to realize that you can relate yourself to something big and important, especially when it is OLYMPIC-STANDARD-BIG!

Art+ Shanghai Gallery is incredibly proud to represent Korean artist KeySook Geum in Shanghai, Professor of Textile Arts and Fashion Design at Hongik University in Seoul, the artist who had the honor to create elegant costume designs for Korean Olympic athletes as well as costumes for medal-bearers and athlete escorts for PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games 2018!

What has caught the world’s attention were the “fairy outfits” of the placard bearers that led athletes of the participating countries into the Olympic stadium during the Parade of the Nations. Social media raved about the the snow Olympic fairies that seemed to have flown straight from the magic forest and marched together with the athletes, carrying the signs with countries’ names, that resembled more a tree branch or a magic wand.

The credit for the winter fairy-tale mood that was created during the Parade of the Nations and for the incredible impression little fairies made on the world goes to a Korean artist KeySook Geum, who has become widely known for the her exquisite dream-like sculptures of wire and beads.

With a strong background in fashion design and costuming, KeySook creates delicate silhouettes of women’s dresses that capture a sense of movements and fragility, chaos and a perfect order of the universe. As the crystals and wires of her sculptures catch a glimpse of light while suspended in the air, they start to glisten, playing with viewers’ imagination and casting intricate shadows on the ground. Read more about the artist and her sophisticated works here.