Art+ Shanghai Gallery welcomed Art Historian Julie Chun and the ladies from the Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) for an intimate afternoon gathering with coffee and art.  Julie Chun talked with the directors and founders of Art+ Shanghai Gallery Ana Gonzalez and Agnes Cohade of their long journey in China and their practice of running a successful gallery for 10 years.

The event is a part of the “Celebrate 10” series launched by Julie  Chun to carry out in-depth critical discussions at 10 galleries in Shanghai that have successfully operated 10 years.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery has celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2017. During these tough yet incredibly rewarding years, the gallery has discovered, promoted and closely worked with over a hundred of Chinese and Asian artists, participated in dozens of international art fairs. The gallery has curated a vast number of solo shows and group exhibitions in Shanghai that touched upon themes available to both local and international audiences. It has also curated exhibitions in Singapore, the United States and Europe through its network of partner galleries, hosted various music concerts, lectures, and seminars.

Founded by four partners who share a long passion and involvement in art, the gallery is run on a daily basis by Ana Gonzalez from Spain and Agnes Cohade from France. On the afternoon of December 1st, Ana and Agnes have shared insightful moments from the lives of foreign female gallery owners in China, and particularly in Shanghai.  Together with the guests and Art Historian Julie Chun, gallerinas, among many other questions, have discussed the changes that took place in the contemporary Chinese art market over the last decade, talked about the peculiar business of art fairs and compared various practices of operating galleries in China and abroad. Two gallery owners have also shared their experiences of discovering new talents and maintaining the relationship and continuing support for the represented artists of the gallery.

The conversation was followed by a guided walk through the exhibition “I Will Be Your Eyes II: Little Narratives” and completed with the discovery of the Art+ treasure box where the works of the gallery’s artists are dutifully stored.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery thanks Julie Chun and all the participating guests for the inspiring afternoon spent together and filled with pleasant memories, curious discoveries, and interesting observations.

A Korean-American art historian and a lecturer, Julie Chun is a welcomed guest and a loyal friend of Art+ Shanghai Gallery. Based in Shanghai since 2011, she serves as an Art Convener of the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) China in Shanghai where she lectures regularly at art museums and galleries. She is an adjunct professor of Art History for Alliance for Global Education at Shanghai University of Finance and Economic and is a regular contributor to Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art. Stay tuned to learn about future talks and lectures by Julie Chun at Art+ Shanghai Gallery.