JUJUWANG, Chinese-American installation artist. Known as the interactive magician in the field of art, mixing Chinese culture and traditions with contemporary techniques, her bold use of new materials together with the emotional and rational creativity standards has established a unique personal style. Emphasizing the interactive experience of the installation itself and with others, she brings harmonious relationship amongst art, participants, and onlookers. JUJUWANG’s art installations “House of Clouds” and “PalaSee” has earned much attention in the field of art. At the same time, she has had numerous successful collaborations with top luxury brands including ACQUA DI PARMA, AP, DIOR, GIVENCHY, SWAROVSKI, TIFFANY, YSL etc. In 2019, JUJUWANG was awarded “Swarovski Designer of the Future”.





Art+ Shanghai Gallery had an incredible honor to host Spanish cellist Sergi Boadella and German violinist Daniel Hauptmann performing a combination of 12 compositions for cello and violin by J.S. Bach on February 20th and 21st. The 2-evening concert was an event of unprecedented significance. Never before have six Suites for cello solo and six sonatas and partitas for violin solo have been programmed together in one concert in China.

Sergi Boadella and Daniel Hauptmann share friendship and love for Bach’s music for more than 30 years. After many years of interpreting these pieces separately they have decided to string together to climb the highest peaks of Art.

The 6 Suites for solo cello by J.S. Bach are the best and most difficult pieces ever written for this instrument, and his 6 Sonatas and Partitas for violin are undoubtedly the summit of the violin repertoire.

In July 1720, when Bach returned to Cöthen after accompanying his prince on a long journey, he found that his beloved Maria Barbara, mother of 7 children, was dead and buried. This has triggered a big personal crisis that was reflected in the creation of 12 works for violin and cello solo.

In this kind of intimate diary, Bach expresses himself about life and death. About God and humanity. About his life with the extraordinary woman that was Maria Barbara.
The twelve compositions are full of mystery. The pleasure and pain of existence are interspersed with Bach’s mysticism and religious devotion.

There is something very similar between possessing a work of art and a piece of precious jewelry: each is inherently unique creation born of talent, skill and refined craftsmanship. Regardless of its material cost, it is often a strong and intimate emotion along with special memories that define a real value for the person who possesses them. It is for this reason, Art+ Shanghai Gallery opened its doors to a beautiful collection of precious gems stones from the Pink Diamonds Boutique.

Guided by a French gemologist Nicolas Jouvenceau, we have traveled to a mesmerizing world of rare colored diamonds to learned how to appreciate its true value and beauty.

The dessert chef hired especially for this event drew inspiration from the shapes and colors of precious gem stones.

During the opening of the duo exhibition, Altered State: Deciphering Urban in the Art of Chen Xuanrong and Huang Yulong guests, artists, and the gallery team have collectively created a painting that we titled “Legal Wall.”

The painting’s title “Legal Wall” originates from the street art terminology. Given that in most countries graffiti is seen as an illegal act of vandalism, the term legal wall refers to the wall on which street artists have been permitted by a property owner or city administration to paint. Usually, a large mural appears on such walls.

With quick sweeping brushstrokes Chen Xuanrong outlined the setting of a public bathroom, with mirrors and walls to be soon covered by the outcries of public opinions. He then put the brush down and let the rest of the work to be done by the “public.”

In the spirit, true to the street art, everyone who has attended the opening was free to pick up a brush and paint anything that one’s creative soul demanded. Different messages in different languages from people of all ages and nationalities started to fill up the canvas. As if the mirror of the city’s subconsciousness, the canvas revealed what is on the city’s mind.

The Spanish cellist Sergi Boadella once again graced Art+ Shanghai Gallery with cello concert on Wednesday, June 13th. He performed pieces by a prolific Czech composer of cello music David Popper, Italian cellist and composer Carlo Alfredo Piatti, as well as compositions by a genius musician Johann Sebastian Bach. He finished the concert with an emotional perfomance of a piece by a Spanish composer Gaspar Cassado. Sergi played on a cello made by Martino Hell, Genova (Italy) 1700 and a bow made by Dominique Peccatte, Mirecourt (France) 1845. An 11-year-old cellist and a musical prodigi Matthew Kalani Liu, joined him at Art+ Shanghai Gallery for a recital.

Sergi Boadella has been living in China since 2011. For the past seven years he has performed and taught extensively throughout China. He has taught master classes at the Conservatories of Beijing, Dalian, Chengdu, Shenyang, Harbin, and Shenzhen among others and performed as soloist with the Hunan, Harbin, and Daqin symphony orchestras. While in China, he helped developed the new Cassadó Cello Strings at the Xinghai Fuyin String Factory in Beijing. Recently, he explored a novel playing experience with the BICO (Beijing International Chamber Orchestra) and the Dunshan Wind Symphony Orchestra as the soloist, which aroused intensive attention from audience. Besides, he plays with the Beijing Axis Ensemble which were invited to perform in many important stages across China.

Mr. Boadella began his cello studies with Lluís Claret in Barcelona (Spain), continued his studies with Cristian Florea at Musikhochschule Trossingen in Germany, and finished his training as a pupil of Marçal Cervera. He won the 2nd prize in the JJMM Young Musicians Competition of Spain in 1990 and graduated from Guildhall School in London with distinction. Further studies include courses with Bernard Greenhouse, Michael Flaksman, Maud Tortelier, Anner Bylsma, and Christophe Coin.

For more than 15 years he has had the enormous privilege to be the assistant teacher and collaborator of master Marçal Cervera , student of Gaspar Cassado and Paul Tortelier. He has taught at the Balearic Islands Conservatory, Valencia Internacional University, and at the International Courses of Ripoll, Tarrega, Denia, Cartagena, Camprodon and Tortosa.

Mr. Boadella has had performed in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Tunisia, Taiwan and Mainland China. He has served as principal cellist of the Palau de la Música Catalana Chamber Orchester in Barcelona, and has been a member of JONDE (Youth National Orchestra of Spain), the Kammerorchester Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), the Catalan Chamber Orchestra, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra.

On May 17th, Art+ Shanghai Gallery held the screening of “China: Another Face”, a documentary shot by a famous French journalist Sylvie Levey. The screening was organized to facilitate a more profound discussion on the subjects of beauty and its perception raised by another talented French woman, an artist and photographer Corinne Mariaud in her solo exhibition at Art+ Shanghai Gallery “Fake i Real Me”.

“China: Another Face” tells incredible stories of young Chinese girls… and boys in their 20s and their fascination for plastic surgery. A 26-minute documentary, filmed at the famous Shanghai Hospital No. 9, was first aired by one of the French television channels FRANCE 3 in the program “Des Racines & des Ailes”.

Sylvie is a Sinologist and a free-lance consultant who dedicates most of her time to find opportunities to bridge China and the world. Based in China since 1999, she has lived in more than 25 different provinces. With the background of a journalist and filmmaker, Sylvie has directed a number of documentaries mainly focusing on social issues for French television channels France 2, France 3 and ARTE, among others. Many of her documentaries won various awards, and have been broadcasted in different languages all over the world.

This spring Art+ Shanghai Gallery is collaborating  with R. Sanderson – a high-end accessory brand, to create a unique multidisciplinary experience and satisfy your need for fashion and art.

R · SANDERSON is the ultra-luxury house of Rupert Sanderson London, distinguished by the unique hand-gilded 24-carat gold leaf heels and accessories. Exquisitely handmade in Bologna, Italy, each creation embodies century-old Italian craftsmanship and contemporary British flair.

A specialist gilding technique invented by the Brand, Crystalline™ is performed entirely in-house by artisans to create artistic finishes never-before-seen in the history of shoemaking. British designer Rupert Sanderson founded his eponymous luxury shoes label in 2001 after working in Italy for Sergio Rossi and Bruno Magli. Sanderson has been awarded ‘Accessory Designer of the Year’ by the British Fashion Council.

For the first time, R · SANDERSON launches a pop-up store in Shanghai from 7th  April till 15th June 2018, bringing its unique and artistic innovations to China’s most renowned international metropolis. Alongside the Brand’s exquisite heels and accessories in signature 24K gold leaf, a carefully curated art programe, in association with Art+ Shanghai Gallery, featuring original works by contemporary Chinese artists, such as Ye Hongxing, Shen Hua, Hu Weiqi and Zhang Zhenxue are on on view at the pop-up to delight shoe and art lovers with a multidimensional experience.

The R · SANDERSON pop-up store is at the stunning atrium on the ground level of Plaza 66, Shanghai, between 7th April and 15th June , 2018.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery has once again joined Art Central Hong Kong, the fair that is becoming one of the most important art events in the Asia Pacific.

Reportedly, the 2018 edition of Art Central had its highest ever attendance, welcoming 39,041 international collectors, curators and art enthusiasts. The fair showcased striking works from across the globe alongside a critically acclaimed programme, featuring performance, talks, large scale installations and new media.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s participation in the fair always focuses on the promotion of the artists across all media who produce works of impeccable quality and originality, whose artistic practice questions the contemporaneity, the self, the others but more importantly who focus on making their art a vital and meaningful part of people’s life. An array of works that Art+ Shanghai Gallery showcased at the to the 4th edition of Art Central demonstrated the magnitude of creative thought, the diversity and complexity of ideas of Chinese emerging and established artists that the gallery represents.

In total, the gallery exhibited the works of nine artists working in a range of different media including porcelain, crystal, stainless steel, acrylic, oil painting, stickers, Tibetan paper, among many others. The highlights of Art+ Shanghai Gallery’s booth this year included porcelain works presented by two young artists Tan Danwu and Liu Xi who have recently joined the gallery and who made their debut at this edition of Art Central.

Another debutant of Art Central 2018 and a new addition to the Art+ Shanghai Gallery family is a young Beijing-based artist Chen Xuanrong, also known as Roy. His two-by-three-meter oil on canvas graffiti piece was one of the centerpieces on display. Chen Xuanrong’s solo show is expected to be held  at Art+ during the months of November – December 2018.

Chen Zhiguang’s stainless steel robust and formidable sculpture of an ant was another highlight of the display. Chen Zhiguan’s ants can be individuals, as embodiments of Chen Zhiguang’s own personality, as a part of the collective whole, or as representatives of the Chinese people. In whichever variety, the ant reveals Chen Zhiguang’s strong desire to respect individuals, traditions, and lives.


Huang Yulong’s marked his appearance with the new series of works, entitled  “Snowflakes” . Hoping to reach the global communities through the international scene of the Art Central, Huang Yulong expressed his concern for the rising violence in the world by creating sculptures made of crystal gun-shaped fragments that when assembled together resemble a snowflake.

For the first time Art+ Shanghai Gallery has exhibited the works by a Sichuan artist He Jian, who along with a number of his contemporaries is now recognized as the new face of the Sichuan painting school. You can expect to see more of He Jian’s works during his first solo show at Art+ Shanghai Gallery in 2019.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery also brought to the fair the new phantasmagorical sticker mosaics by Ye Hongxing and bold and polemic conversations in oil on canvas by the Tamen+ collective.

Whether it is a social commentary, ironic conceptualization or a personal reflection, the pieces showcased by Art+ at the 4th edition of the Art Central were multidirectional and multi-meaningful, with each artist taking a different attitude, presenting a matter from one’s unique standpoint, and in a variety of media, some leaning towards the mysterious or subconscious, intuitive or metaphorical, while others towards something more aggressive and daring.




It is always amazing to realize that you can relate yourself to something big and important, especially when it is OLYMPIC-STANDARD-BIG!

Art+ Shanghai Gallery is incredibly proud to represent Korean artist KeySook Geum in Shanghai, Professor of Textile Arts and Fashion Design at Hongik University in Seoul, the artist who had the honor to create elegant costume designs for Korean Olympic athletes as well as costumes for medal-bearers and athlete escorts for PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games 2018!

What has caught the world’s attention were the “fairy outfits” of the placard bearers that led athletes of the participating countries into the Olympic stadium during the Parade of the Nations. Social media raved about the the snow Olympic fairies that seemed to have flown straight from the magic forest and marched together with the athletes, carrying the signs with countries’ names, that resembled more a tree branch or a magic wand.

The credit for the winter fairy-tale mood that was created during the Parade of the Nations and for the incredible impression little fairies made on the world goes to a Korean artist KeySook Geum, who has become widely known for the her exquisite dream-like sculptures of wire and beads.

With a strong background in fashion design and costuming, KeySook creates delicate silhouettes of women’s dresses that capture a sense of movements and fragility, chaos and a perfect order of the universe. As the crystals and wires of her sculptures catch a glimpse of light while suspended in the air, they start to glisten, playing with viewers’ imagination and casting intricate shadows on the ground. Read more about the artist and her sophisticated works here.

TimeOut Shanghai has put together a new list of art galleries to enjoy during your next winter art stroll on the Bund. We are happy and proud to have our group exhibition “I Will Be Your Eyes II: Little Narratives” recommended for a visit. We are looking forward to see you at the gallery this December for our final exhibition of the year. Read on for details of the entire art walk at TimeOut Shanghai.

Visit to Xiong Yanjun’s studio in Wuhu, Anhui, China (image courtesy of the gallery)

This November, Xiong Yanjun has joined Art+ Shanghai gallery as one of the represented artists.

“I am very glad to be able to represent Xiong Yanjun – a thinking artist who understands Chinese contemporary society and Chinese art scene in its full entirety and complexity, and moreover who is profoundly knowledgeable about the world’s art history and movements. In fact, this reflects in his oeuvre of works that possesses an incredible sense of dignity and serenity”, says the Founder and Art Director of Art+ Shanghai Gallery Ana Gonzalez.

Xiong Yanjun was born in the city of Liuan of Anhui province, China in 1977. He graduated from the Anhui Normal University and completed Master’s of Fine Arts in Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing, China. Xiong is now teaching oil painting at the Anhui Normal University in Wuhu and works at his studio as a professional artist.

Xiong Yanjun, 2015-1017, mixed media, 2015, 170cm x 150cm

We are excited to feature Xiong Yanjun’s works for the first time at the gallery next year along with the paintings by Tianjin-based artist Fu Shuai and exquisite porcelain creations by Liu Xi. The first exhibition of 2018 “The Palpable Soul of Surface” is due to open on Sunday,  7th January 2018. 

Art+ Shanghai Gallery welcomed Art Historian Julie Chun and the ladies from the Shanghai Expatriate Association (SEA) for an intimate afternoon gathering with coffee and art.  Julie Chun talked with the directors and founders of Art+ Shanghai Gallery Ana Gonzalez and Agnes Cohade of their long journey in China and their practice of running a successful gallery for 10 years.

The event is a part of the “Celebrate 10” series launched by Julie  Chun to carry out in-depth critical discussions at 10 galleries in Shanghai that have successfully operated 10 years.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery has celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2017. During these tough yet incredibly rewarding years, the gallery has discovered, promoted and closely worked with over a hundred of Chinese and Asian artists, participated in dozens of international art fairs. The gallery has curated a vast number of solo shows and group exhibitions in Shanghai that touched upon themes available to both local and international audiences. It has also curated exhibitions in Singapore, the United States and Europe through its network of partner galleries, hosted various music concerts, lectures, and seminars.

Founded by four partners who share a long passion and involvement in art, the gallery is run on a daily basis by Ana Gonzalez from Spain and Agnes Cohade from France. On the afternoon of December 1st, Ana and Agnes have shared insightful moments from the lives of foreign female gallery owners in China, and particularly in Shanghai.  Together with the guests and Art Historian Julie Chun, gallerinas, among many other questions, have discussed the changes that took place in the contemporary Chinese art market over the last decade, talked about the peculiar business of art fairs and compared various practices of operating galleries in China and abroad. Two gallery owners have also shared their experiences of discovering new talents and maintaining the relationship and continuing support for the represented artists of the gallery.

The conversation was followed by a guided walk through the exhibition “I Will Be Your Eyes II: Little Narratives” and completed with the discovery of the Art+ treasure box where the works of the gallery’s artists are dutifully stored.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery thanks Julie Chun and all the participating guests for the inspiring afternoon spent together and filled with pleasant memories, curious discoveries, and interesting observations.

A Korean-American art historian and a lecturer, Julie Chun is a welcomed guest and a loyal friend of Art+ Shanghai Gallery. Based in Shanghai since 2011, she serves as an Art Convener of the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) China in Shanghai where she lectures regularly at art museums and galleries. She is an adjunct professor of Art History for Alliance for Global Education at Shanghai University of Finance and Economic and is a regular contributor to Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art. Stay tuned to learn about future talks and lectures by Julie Chun at Art+ Shanghai Gallery.

Art+ Shanghai gallerinas with the musicians of ensemble Etoile at the French Consulate in Shanghai

The PLUS  of Art+ Shanghai Gallery is its passion and continuous support for all forms of artistic expressions, with music being on top of the list along with art.

For those of you who have already attended some of the concerts at Art+ Shanghai Gallery, the lovely faces of the ensemble “Etoile”  will seem familiar. This time Etoile participated in a fund-raising event which mission was to raise awareness and provide support to orphans and abandoned children in deprived areas of China. The concert was organized under the roof of the French Consulate in Shanghai by a local NGO “Children of Madaifu” .

Comprised of contemporary Chinese musicians with international background, ensemble “Etoile” surprised the audience gathered under the roof of French Consulate with the night of musical extravaganza, performing on traditional Chinese and classical western instruments.

Ensemble ‘Etoile’

We are looking forward to welcoming the musicians at the gallery in January 2018. Stay tuned to be the first one to learn about the dates of the concert!


Mr. Eskenazi next to his newly collected painting Legends by Tamen+ (Image courtesy of the artists)

Art+ Shanghai Gallery is infinitely proud and excited to announce that the work by the gallery’s represented artist collective Tamen+ , has entered the collection of Giuseppe Eskenazi, one of the world’s most respected art dealers in Chinese and Oriental art.

Legends on view art Art+ Shanghai Gallery

The Eskenazi Gallery, that he and his father founded more than 50 years ago, works at the very top of the market, selling works and antiques to ambitious collectors and major museums around the world, including Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire in Brussels, Musée des Arts Asiatiques, Nice, Louvre Abu Dhabi, British Museum in London, Art Institute of Chicago, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum, just to name a few.

Tamen+, Legends, 125cm x 200cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2015

When purchasing the painting, Mr. Eskenazi, a real connoisseur of art, both Western and Oriental, has told the artists that he owns the artworks by every artist whose works were portrayed in the collected piece.

Tamen+ artist collective at  Art+ Shanghai Gallery booth at Art Central 2016 (Lai Shengyu on the left and Yang Xiaogang on the right)

Art+ Shanghai Gallery has been representing Tamen+ since 2009 and ever since the artist collective has been gaining the acknowledgment and respect among the art lovers and academia as one of the most groundbreaking, intriguing, intellectually challenging artists on the contemporary art scene in China and the world. Cynical Realism, Political Pop and Kitsch culture go long with humor, mockery and sharp but cleverly veiled criticism of various ideologies, all interweave into a fascinating melange of Tamen+ artistic practice.

It is truly a privilege to be the gallery that represents talented Tamen+, along with the other great Chinese contemporary artist. Stay tuned, as Tamen+ solo exhibition is coming in spring of 2018.