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In the pandemic era, artists splashed out creations from a new normal state of mind. This new mentality becoming their drive to ponder and create before their impulses wane. In isolation, uncertain for what the future may hold, they could only adapt. Using these personal experiences during their creation process, artists build new stories that awaken in Artplus’s series of group exhibitions titled 100 Days of Solitude: Salvation through Adaption, Chapter 1.



An array of works including watercolor, acrylic paintings, sculptures, and mixed media work from 10 artists populate the exhibition which is set to continue in chapters. The first chapter which runs until September 30th will explore themes of adaption, creation, and stories from the new pandemic era life. Viewers will find that the stories behind the displayed works are as vital to understanding the visual narrative of the works themselves:



Exhibition view Artplus Shanghai \ 展览预观


Isolate (2020). Ye Hongxing 叶红杏


In one corner, a canvas filled with explosions of unrelated textures, images, and symbols are etched into a map, juxtaposed into districts and blocks. Here, artist Ye Hongxing reflects on her time abroad during the start of travel regulations, making a physical and mental memory of her trip to Europe as a consequence of the virus.



Faces 2020 (2020). He Jian 何剑


Super Girl, 超级女声 (2013-2017). He Jian 何剑


Another corner features a seemingly washed out fresco depicting the frenzy of a modern Chinese family’s response to the current outbreak. The family armored in makeshift plastic bottles and hurrying off with their luxury goods. An ironic yet humorous look at real-life happenings at the start of the pandemic that could never have been imagined. This work by He Jian simulates the style of 14th-century frescoes found in the Shanxi province, mixing traditional and modern aspects to portray the current China from a new dimension.



Feb. 13 (2020). Wang Haichuan 王海川


She‘s painting 3 (2020). Lin Fanglu 林芳璐 


Besides these two works, the exhibition offers multiple relatable perspectives from a variety of artists, each tackling their circumstance with unique approaches and skills. The materials, techniques, composition, and colors are important parts to note not only in order to understand this chapter but also the next chapters ahead.



Event Details


“…time wasn’t passing…it was turning in a circle…” 


Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hundred Years of Solitude. 


Until September 30th, 2020

10am – 6pm, Tuesdays – Sundays, 

(Other times by appointment )

At Art+ Shanghai Gallery, 

191 South Suzhou Rd (Near Sichuan Road)

展期:2020.9.30 结束

周二至周日 10am – 6pm




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Translation 翻译:Eva Li


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