About “SHE”

“…Motivated by the need to salvage fading traditions and folkways of China’s Bai minority, designer Fanglu Lin was educated in China, Germany and Japan. Her work has been exhibited in Shanghai and Beijing, and in 2016 she won both the Young Designer of the Year and the Innovative Brand of the Year at Beijing’s China Building Decoration Association Awards.

This sprawling wall installation stands as an homage to the unsung artistry of the Bai women. The culmination of years of in-depth research and shared experiences with the Bai people of the Yunnan province, the immense size of the work alludes to the significant impact the collaboration had on the artist. Imbued with contemporary flourishes, Lin brings the labour-intensive life of the rice fields to the fore, hoping to cast new light on women who possess a unique artistic vision —one that has been guided by tie-dying techniques that stretch back over a thousand years…”(LOEWE Foundation)